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Jul 11, 2008

It doesn't take a genius to figure out when Pisces is hooked. His toothbrush will be at your house, he's celebrating your one-week anniversary, coming up with names for your kids and gushing every time you look his way. This man loves, loves, loves to fall in love — and we're talking head-over-heels in love. Being completely in touch with his emotions, he's fearless about sharing them and couldn't contain them even if he tried. He understands the miracle of finding someone he can connect with, making him a grateful lover. With everyone Pisces dates, he'll play the helpless fawn to get them to spoil him or do his dirty work. This behavior is non-negotiable, as he lives to be cared for. The major difference is that if he loves you, he'll take care of you in return. If he shells out his wallet generously on a continual basis, understand you have something serious. In asserting this role, he's showing respect and aiming to establish a level of equality, which he'll only look to create with his true love. Yes, he'll strive for the highest level of maturity only for the one he loves, as he typically comes from a history of relationships where he let himself get treated as a baby or victim. In the face of love, he'll know better and act accordingly. By being on his best behavior, he's acknowledging true love and soul mates do exist, as it'll inspire him to take full responsibility of his actions. Expect an "us against the world" attitude and crazy romantic scenarios to spark. His love is eternal and his devotion is strong; he'll go to the ends of the universe for you, creating a breathlessly romantic story that can inspire great cinema. Pisces gives unconditional love, even to the point of you being able to walk all over him. Once in love he'll have absolutely no concept of pride.

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