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Jul 11, 2008

When Libra feels connected, at his best there'll be love, romance and then more love and more romance. At worst, you'll gain a responsibility. Yes, the downside to this man is that his idea of commitment can mean becoming a co-dependent freak who needs you to sustain his lifeline. Just when you thought you met your Prince Charming who isn't afraid to talk about the future, you learn that the plans include being his parent and having to encourage him in every aspect of his life and to pay for it, too. This could leave you wondering where the Casanova went, as the dark side of a committed Libra is complacency. If this occurs, it'l usually be within a month — which is enough time to easily cut your losses, because this Libra isn't capable of loving you as much as he is of draining you. Of course, not all Libras are this way, but it happens more times than coincidence, so beware. On the upside, if you surpassed the Libra curse and nabbed yourself a sweet one, then you'll know he's yours when he's consistently upping the ante to your bond and working on becoming a team with you. Expect things like your social calendar being filled into the next century as you busily keep up appearances while being part of his overbooked life. Yes, Libra is serious about being a couple and jumping right in is the only way to see if the relationship will float. So, if the Siamese twin routine works for you and feeling like a married couple by the third date is cool, life will only get better. In time, you'll be his extension and he'll be attentive to you as he would himself, as he knows and lives to preserve the ideals of partnership. However, if this doesn't happen and he's not acting like your husband in a month, be leery of this Romeo's imminent departure.

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