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Jul 11, 2008

Gemini loves love and it's giddy obsession that drives him right into fairy tale mode — in which he loves to get lost and live out his Peter Pan fantasies. He works non-stop, too, to perpetuate this dreamy world, making you feel like the most precious creature to ever grace his world by wooing you with witty surprises, sweet words, and endless comic relief. With such magic in the air when you two connect, it'd be impossible to think he's not as head-over-heels as you are. After all, who could resist the boundless fun, side-splitting laugh-a-minute moments and conversations that last past sunrise? It would seem surreal to think you're not a match made in heaven. So, silly you, you mention the future or something vague that acknowledges your bond... Little does anyone know what brews in this man's mind, least of all a Gemini. Welcome to the dark side of Gemini. This guy can flip at the drop of a hat. His mind has an automatic timer that goes off when any remote hint of responsibility comes into play. Then, out goes his Dr. Jekyll and in comes his Mr. Hyde to scrutinize and freak out. Gemini loves having millions of possibilities, so when faced with any crossroads of change, he'll schiz. It won't matter how chill you are or how happy your relationship is, he'll see it as a possible doom of his freedom and identity. With so many voices in his head, he'll wonder if he can handle another one -- that being yours. He'll shut down to search for an epiphany. If he's MIA 24 hours or less, it's normal. If not, it's a red flag. Upon resurfacing, though, he'll give you the key that opens him to you. It can explain why he worked so hard in the beginning, hoping to compensate for the jackass he knew would spring out of him eventually.

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