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Jul 11, 2008

Being single isn't Leo's style. After all, how can he gauge his fabulousness without someone worshipping him? Or distinguish himself as a leader unless there's at least one person seeking his approval? Sure, it's a tad egotistical, but this is Leo. If you can accept and embrace that fact, then you've got the bait he's hungry for. Not to say this is a thankless job, as the perks are top shelf. Lucky are you if you're the object of Leo's affections. As the ruler of romance, he spares no expense to seal the deal, and there's no denying Leo's emotions. He's over the top by nature, knowing no limits in showering you with love, gifts and insanely delicious adulation. He'll do anything to spoil you silly. He'll have you believing the love you share spins the world round, as romance is his inspiration and helps bring out his selfless and invincible side. As his muse, he'll be unrelenting in showing you his gratitude. If you want to mark the level at which he loves you, just check the receipts. Leo puts his money where his heart is. When he's in love, he's consumed by it and wants to share it with everyone. He'll brag about you, show you off all over town and want to spend every minute with you or dreaming of you. Expect only his best behavior: an absolute gentleman ensuring you the red-carpet treatment everywhere you go. In fact, he'll be a tyrant about others respecting you. As the original Mr. Chivalry/Captain of the Universe, the place Leo will be most ardent about his affections for you will be with his circle. He'll rank you second in his chain of command, and his cronies will have to bow down to you. If there's disobedience, the penalty is discharge. He likes to keep a right ship, and if someone falls out of line, he has no problem making him or her walk the plank.

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