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Jul 11, 2008

Virgo loves to fall in love, because being in love equals obsession and obsession means lots of work to be done. In this state, Virgo has the perfect reason to go on a research binge. Yes, within every Virgo is the propensity to be a maniac groupie who wants to know every detail of his subject's existence — and that means any random connection, too. This will include anything and everything that may vaguely be attached to you. He'll get down to researching all your hobbies, career, the company you work for, your culture, the town where you grew up, the college you attended, music you like, the car you drive, your astrological makeup — everything! No subject is off limits for him and anything that's remotely associated with you is a morsel of gold. He won't be obvious with all his detective work, as Virgo hates to be seen as vulnerable. However, the info will be dropped out during conversations as random facts he just happens to know. Go ahead and test it out. Bring up a vacation you took to some remote areas and in a week bring the subject up again. Miraculously, he'll suddenly be able to tell you the population of the area, its birds, and the local cuisine's secret spice. With everything, Virgo is after the facts. He'll strive to know who you are and what makes you tick. After all, before he gets involved with anything, he has to know what he's heading into. To ensure his safety, he'll create his psychological report, making a proper analysis of your relationship's nucleus, direction and potential. This is also his way of grasping all your dimensions, which will then help him do the best job in serving you. He loves with the passion of a fanatic, minus the creepiness.

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