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Jul 11, 2008

Aquarius is looking for a great friend... with benefits. His approach toward relationships centers on companionship, with sex playing a supporting role. He'll sleep around because he's a slut, but who he takes into his life as a partner is someone who must be able to hang with him and his posse. While he'll have no problems being friendly and inviting to everyone, only the special ones see his private side and play the role of his confidante. To know where you stand, there's one place you can look for 100 percent reassurance — his friends. They're his board of directors, and only when you pass through their judgment does he safely give himself over to you. Yes, even despite all the kinky love you may give him or how demented or deformed you may be, his friends must be won over by your heart. With them, he'll share his feelings and thoughts, as they're his biggest fans.As for commitment, it's a gradual process that won't necessarily get discussed much. He prefers a seamless transition, and a growing partnership. However, once he does know where he's going, he falls into line pretty quickly. The fact is that this man is a server. Since he's not emotionally driven, he's awkward with partners and he'll prefer playing the part of the pleaser (maybe it's passive-aggressive behavior, but yeah, he's easily whipped). At first, he'll perform sweet gestures in hopes of making you happier, then after a while he'll program himself to suit your needs, giving you a custom-built lover to do as you say and want. In the end, he's open with his time, talents and any emotion he can muster up.

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