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Jul 11, 2008

Taurus love feels like a big 'ol bear hug. Expect to be overwhelmed with a secure and blissful sensation, making you warm and tingly in all the right spots. His sweet acts of kindness and consideration will have you in a daze. Forget having to look for clues of his affection, as his dedication is undeniable. Taurus is not fooling around and when he's truly in love, he goes all out. For one thing, in love, he's no longer shy and has no troubles going right into the "we" mode. He thrives best in a committed situation, as Taurus likes setting down roots and getting comfortable. At first, you'll love how he really makes an effort to help you out and be part of your life. He'll perform dutiful acts of appreciation — the grandest gestures involving food, no doubt. All of the sweetness and sublime fantasies of future bliss will have you wondering, "Why was it that easy? There has to be a hitch, right?" Right. Taurus will get you in the back end, saving the hard part for after you've already signed on. You'd better believe it: Once he's integrated himself into your life, you become his foundation and he settles in. In no time, his ass is on your couch as a human tumor. Nights of cuddling that you found so sweet slowly turn into nights with him laid out with the remote control in one hand, a beer can in the other and food stains on his shirt. He'll consider his work done after commitment and this is why he loves it so. Not to say he loses all his romantic mojo, but he'll use it sparingly. Keeping up your dreamy love wonderland will require you to become the keeper of the flame — the flame that you have to hold under his ass every so often to keep the action happening throughout your relationship. It takes pure grit to keep this man at his best, but if you keep him inspired with sensual fun, he'll stay with you in permanent honeymoon mode.

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