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Jul 11, 2008

Cancer goes one way and one way only, and that's right to Commitmentville. If you have sex with him, that's pretty much sealing the deal. Of course, there are those randy Cancers, so make it three times of hooking up to play it safe. Once the sex part is conquered, he'll ensue with telltale signs that'll reassure his interest in being your man. These things include clearing schedules to be with you, sourcing out a routine, and giving you daily calls. He'll fall right into line with the duties of a boyfriend, as Cancer shows his affection by being possessive and traditional. The more you respond, the more astute he becomes in playing his part. However, despite his jump to the doting lover routine, he'll rarely be direct in sharing what he wants. He needs to work up to that because he's got issues. Once he's smitten, his insecurities eventually go haywire — as he loves drama and sees this as a part of falling in love. One minute he'll be filled with a hopeful exuberance that'll drive you to the heights of romance. Another minute, he'll turn into a defeated old man in despair — SOS-ing to you to pull him back to safety by professing your affections. In playing these games, Cancer's working out his place in your heart and finding your place in his. You can call him on it, but he still has to go through his process. Then, there's still that one last trial: Meeting his family and mother will be your judgment day. Whether he loves or loathes her, he's haunted by his mom. Save yourself the aggravation and bond with her the best you can or suffer the consequences. As soon as he trusts his feelings and yours, he'll do all the things a future family man would do. There may be massive amounts of turmoil to get you to this moment, but the flipside is that he's looking to love, honor and cherish you until death do you part.

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